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Check-in Procedures

Airlines recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your flight's departure. If you are checking baggage, you will need to use your airline's counter to check in. If you have carry-on baggage only, you may speed up your check-in process by using a "common-use" kiosk located throughout the terminal. Ticket Counters are located in the north end of the main terminal with the exception of Southwest which is located in the south end of the terminal near baggage claim.  

Cancellations & Delays

Contact your airline as soon as possible when a connection is cancelled or delayed. Your airline will work with you to re-schedule your flight.


Electronic Tickets (accompanied by baggage to be checked) require check-in at the ticket counter to receive boarding passes. A government-issued photo ID is required to confirm an e-ticket.

If you're NOT checking a bag (carry-on ONLY), you may check in at a common-use kiosk, print your boarding pass, and then proceed to the security checkpoint. Again, you will be required to display a government-issued ID to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) representative to gain admittance to the concourse/gate area.

Fear of Flying Phobias

Do you have a Fear of Flying Phobia? There is help out there for you. Call Toll-free at 1-800-fearfly

Missed Connections

Contact your airline as soon as possible when a connection is missed. Your airline will work with you to re-schedule your flight as soon as possible. Any related ticketing charges are based on circumstances and airline policy.

When to Arrive

To facilitate an on-time departure, it is recommended that you check in at least 2 hours before your flight, especially if you are checking baggage. When traveling around holidays, other peak times and/or International travel, it is suggested that additional time be allowed.

Security Screening Checkpoint

The Airport Terminal is open 24-hours per day. The TSA Security Screening checkpoint opens at 4:00 am.