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Vehicle Permits

Only vehicles authorized by Des Moines Airport Authority may operate inside the airport perimeter fence. Street licensed vehicles must display a valid vehicle permit.

Vehicle Permit Request Form

  • To apply for a vehicle permit, please complete this form. The Airport Badging Office will contact you when your permits are available for pick up.  
  • Vehicle permits will only be issued to active badge holders that have been assigned Non-Movement Area or Movement Area driving privileges.  
  • A current certificate of liability insurance showing 1 million dollars of coverage must be on file. You may submit your current insurance with the vehicle permit request form or by using the link below.

Insurance Document Upload

  • Use this link to upload your current certificate of liability insurance.

Vehicle Requirements:

  • Must be in sound mechanical condition.
  • Must be identified on both sides with the company name or logo.
  • All vehicles and equipment must be equipped with two headlights and one or more red tail light.
  • Any vehicle operating on an open runway or taxiway must also be equipped with an amber rotating beacon visible from 360 degrees.
  • See DMAA Rules and Regulations Chapter 5 for a full list of vehicle requirements.