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Application Process

Step 1: Application

All badge applications must be submitted via the company Authorized Signatory. The Airport Security Office will not coordinate badging with sub-contractors or vendors directly.

  • Sub-Contractors or Vendors working at the Airport need to contact the project main contractor or Airport tenant/sponsor that is requesting services.
  • If you are a member of the Des Moines Flying Club, please contact the club directly at 515-710-0120.
  • If you are a South T Hangar tenant, please contact Steve Dawson at 515-256-5100.

Step 2:Pre-Enrollment

Authorized Signatory must enroll new applicant and book a fingerprint appointment through the Authorized Signatory Badging Portal.

Step 3: Fingerprinting

1. All applicants must submit to a Security Threat Assessment (STA), and a Criminal History Record Check (CHRC). *General Aviation badge applicants require only an STA*

2. You must provide 2 valid forms of identification as required by the Identity and Employment Verification Chart.

  • Applicants born outside of the United States must provide proof of United States Citizenship or authorization to work in the United States.
  • If your job requires you to drive or operate equipment on the ramp, you will be required to provide a valid driver’s license.

3. Please do not be late for your fingerprint appointment or you will have to reschedule. Allow 10-20 minutes for fingerprinting.

4. Authorized Signatory will notify applicant and schedule a badge training appointment when the CHRC and STA security checks have been completed. Please allow 5-15 days for clearance.

Step 4: Badge Training

Badge Training must be completed within 30 days of completed security clearance. A new security clearance must be initiated after 30 days have passed.

  • Please do not be late for your badge training appointment or you will have to reschedule. Allow 30-45 minutes for badge training.