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Airside Construction Projects Spring, Summer, Fall 2019

Construction at the airport will begin April 1, 2019. This year’s projects will include:

  • The final phase of the RWY 13/31 re-construction. April 1 – August 16
    • Primary work will take place at the approach end of RWY 13, with some taxiway work occurring on TWY B between D and R (overnight hours).
  • The first year of the RWY 5/23 re-construction. August 26 – October 31
    • Phase 1- August 26 – September 10
      • RWY 5/23 closed
      • TWY R between TWY D and B closed
      • TWY D and P intersection closed
    • Phase 2- September 10 – October 19
      • RWY 5/23 closed
      • TWY R between TWY D and B closed


Update on Iowa State University's heated concrete here.